Friday, November 18, 2011

Battle Lines are drawn.

The field of battle has been chosen. The men have dug themselfs in. We have been assigned our posts. All is quiet, the birds are singing as if nothing is wrong but, this is war. The war that will end all wars.

The enemy out number us, we know some of our own are traitors; the one in the foxhole with me might stab me in the back.
I will watch my line of fire, all I can do is my job.

The men on the other side are merciless, vengeful killers ready to charge at us at any minute. Armed to the teeth and totally committed.

My first aid kitt is fully supplied; maybe I will get too save someone life today. Many of my enemies will die today but, not by my hands, not by any of us. We are here to try and save those who would kill us in an instant.
The games afoot, they are coming, yelling DIE, DIE, DIE. We jump up yelling LIVE, LIVE, LIVE.   

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