Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Becoming what you are.

Many believe they are saved. They remember a date which they converted. They believe that Jesus is the son of God, send to earth to pay for our penalty. They even believe that they have given their lives to him. A few can even explain a few more complex doctrines but, they are not saved.

Being saved comprises of more than just knowing some facts. The proof of saving faith is found in the deeds.

Our deeds do not save us but proclaims that which we know as our beliefs.

True repentance is a change of direction, our centre changes. Our heart is changed by God. We are quickened like the older church men used to say.

We are completely changed and our way of life changes. Let me try and summarize it in one sentence.

Sanctification is the proof of a work already completed.

Sanctification is the gradual change of a person’s deeds towards what honours God. Already if you truly have come to Christ and are saved you are given a new heart by God, a heart that longs for God and the things that pleases Him.

You die to self and to your worldly and selfish dreams and come into line with what God wants.

A person who claims he is a Christian but, does not lead a Christ-honouring life is a fraud. James 2:17, 26

Remember that frightful passages; Mathew 7:21.

Think of Nicodumos coming to Jesus in the dead of night asking Christ what he should do to be saved. John 3:2-3

Jesus then answers him look especially at John 3: 31-32. “If you continue in my word, then you are truly disciples of mine…”

A life that continually careens of the road set by Christ is the life of a false disciple.

We will not lead perfect lives but, our inclination will change we would desire neither good nor evil and we will fight the good fight. “It will not be perfect obedience and repentance, but good works will be present” J MacArthur.

Eph 2:8-10 “created in Christ Jesus for good works,”

Good work does not save us but, it shouts to the world that we are different and that we are saved.

The demons are most probably more orthodox in their believes than most believers but, they are not saved. You can know everything but, if your heart is not changed you are not saved.

By examining your works you will be able to determine if you faith is authentic. Remember that all of us will fall, sometimes even jump and swim with the pigs, but what you do after that is what counts.

Do not think in a moment that I’m saying “sin all the more so that grace can increase” oh, no if you say that, if we would think that for a instant it proofs our faith is dead and not a iota of love for Christ lives in us.

Sinning, is like walking past the Cross of Christ and spitting in His face, striking the nails with a hammer. Sinning is rebelling against our saviour and if we do it “all up in His face” you can be assured we are not saved.

What I’m saying, times of weakness come, situations present themselves and we resurrect the dead monster in ourselves and do what is not pleasing to our saviour.

In these times we forget what he has done for us and how much He cares for us. On the other side of such a horrendous detour Christ is waiting to reconcile with us but, if these detours are frequent and extended re-examine yourself, do not lie, are you a Christian, do you really love Him above all else?

Return quickly to Christ; do not give sin a foothold in your life, run, hide, and fight.

In times of severe sin (is there any other kind) your assurance of salvation will waiver, this sometimes becomes a vessel to extend the period away from Christ.

The best remedy is to not fall into sin but, we are not in heaven yet so we will sin. This dark cold fact must not be an excuse; it must be a call to arms, to knees, fight.

Sin mostly comes when we give our imagination free reign in our lives. Curb it. We only sin after we have played with that set sin in our minds, guard your eyes and ears. That temptations will come is a given, what we do with them we can determine.

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