Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hope is always welcome here.

It has been far too long; feels like a life time.

 Hope has come to visit, he is camped out on the front lawn. I have gone out to have a drink of coffee with him. I’m still scared to invite him in, afraid to give him permanent lodging. He has a bad rep around these parts.

See, he has been here before but, he never seems to deliver. His presence has always seemed, a temporary thing. So I’m not inviting him in, not even for a cup of coffee.

Yes, I’ll will go out and visit with him, enjoy his company for a while but, it’s too risky to let him in, just yet.

I want to know, is this just another pipe dream, a mirage on the horizon or has hope got any sustenance, is it the real thing this time.

As before time will reveal if Mr Hope's first name is True or False.

For now I’m enjoying the thoughts of ”what could be.”

He has been here often enough to know, I might be exposing myself for another bite in the butt but, I’ll keep him out on the front lawn in his tent, his presence comforts me.

Oh, who am I kidding?

He has moved in we had a braai, he has moved into his room, his unpacked and we having the best conversation yet, boy I’m enjoying his company.

Haven’t had this fire burn in me for so long and boy it feels good, I will take the risk that it will crash and burn. Bring it on lets ride the wave and see what the future holds.

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