Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our biggest problem is the lack of faith.

If we just know the elementary components of the Gospel/Good News essential for our salvation that is a dare say more than enough to get us through any situation. That knowledge alone is enough.

Here, is where we come into some really rough terrain, here is where the tyre hits the road. We doubt, GASP. Yes we doubt it is present even amongst Christians.

Doubt, I for one think it is most evident in the lack of evangelism, for if I believed without a doubt, If I was utterly confident about the fate of the world. Would I pass one person on the street without telling him about the way to salvation? Will I leave any opportunity to share the Gospel at the way side.

Our deeds show what we believe, the intensity of our deeds display the depth of our faith. We read about hell, we cry about the multitudes of people rushing towards their eternal punishment but, we ask for another cup of “Jo”.

Just as our inaction displays our unbelief it is evident in our actions we do take but, that is a totally different topic.

We believe in the sovereignty of God. We believe He loves us so much that He offered up his Son for us. He saved us, He chose us in eternity past and destined us to spend eternity with Him in the future but, we doubt that His plan for our life now is not all that spectacular.

We look at our current situation and dream silly childish dreams, sometimes of lives filled with gospel witnessing and opportunities, lives that we think would be Christ centred and glorifying. We forget how deceitful our hearts can be.

We forget that he has held the universe in His hands for countless years and will do so in the future. Those are the most capable hands, most loving hands and He is Holy, righteous and transcendent.

His plan is better even though we are not totally convinced.

Cling to Him, He surely knows best and He is in control.   

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