Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Gospel Message to Believers.

Most often the Gospel message when preach is preached and applied to the unbeliever. The Gospel is seen by most believers as Christianity 101, something we have to go through to get to the good stuff.

We even will go so far as to call it the milk and the debate about Revelation 20 as the meat, the 2 inch steak.

This is actually very sad and has led to so many bad things it’s hard to list them all. The biggest problem is we under appreciate the Gospel. We see it as the doorway while Paul said all he was about is Christ and He crucified.

So if the apostle who wrote the biggest part of the New Testament focused on the Gospel why is it not our centre of attention anymore?

Our arrogance towards the Gospel leads to the formation of a moral church. We evolve into a club of ‘stiff upper lippers” guys ignorant of our sin.

Most Christians will never claim that they are without sin; most of us know that is a lie. We choose to ignore our sins and not to think of them anymore. We think of our achievements, all the sins we do not commit anymore.

We look at the world and transform into the Pharisee that Christ talked about, self-righteous and convince of our own holiness.

The Gospel is not just our way to be saved and reconciled to God. The Gospel is in its very essence, Christ. Jesus Christ is the gospel, are we really going to call Him Christianity 101? Are we going to only see Him as a saving instrument, something to be used?

Christianity at its core is a relationship. Sin has defiled that relationship.

Sin in our lives right now defiles that relationship. We must always constantly be examing ourselves and our hearts. Open to Matthew 5, read the Sermon on the Mount. Consider God’s standards, are we anywhere near that?

We must preach the Gospel to ourselves daily, hourly. By understanding it by living it, by repenting of our sins, may it be visible or invisible. The Gospel is needed by all, the righteous and the unrighteous.


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