Thursday, November 17, 2011

Casualties of war.

As I survey the battle field of truth, of faith, of life, a tear forms in the corner of my eye and slowly rolls over my cheek.

What has happened? Why has all these ones, whom I once counted as brothers and sisters in Christ, abandoned the faith. Why have they chosen to change scripture? Why have they decided that truths held for so many years are not true anymore?

I hope that they will return one day and that this is just some detour but, I hope against hope.

Sad is the day when you gaze on the destruction around you, friend’s bodies mangled and broken by sin.

In all this I see how God’s grace towers above all. How great is His grace towards those who are saved. We are all inclined to stray and do our own thing. We are rebellious to the core, only by the grace of God are we saved. Only He is able to call us out of our dark pit. He alone can call us to life. Only He can kill our rebellion. Only He can grant us love for Him and for the law.
To love Him, to obey Him that is what He wants, and He graciously grants us both.

Hallowed be His name.

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